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As an independent executive function coach, educational therapist and early learning consultant, I offer the following services in the New York area. 

Executive Function Coaching & Educational Therapy

I am currently the supervisor of K – 4th grade cases with Organizational Tutors, a neuropsychologically based tutoring network run by Dr. Anna Levy-Warren. I specialize in early learners with challenges in executive functions, attention and motivation.  If you are interested in setting up a consult you may contact the organization at

Over the last decade knowledge of how the young brain learns and develops has expanded dramatically.  We now know that the early years of life are a vital period, laying the groundwork for strong executive functions, the cognitive processes that govern attentional control, setting and accomplishing goals, self-monitoring, regulation and successful social interaction. The latest research shows that fostering and supporting these skills early is crucial, given that the brain pathways dedicated to these abilities are laid down and hardwired early. At the same time, neuroscientists are awed again and again by the brain’s ability to change and grow when given the right environment.

As a neuroeducational specialist and early childhood educator, I offer an understanding of children’s cognitive, social-emotional and creative development on the brain level.  I have dedicated my education and experience to a deep understanding of infant and child brain development, developmental and cognitive disorders, the development of mathematical thinking, the neuroscience of speech and language development, and assessment of young learners.

I have utmost respect for the sensitivity of a thorough psycho-educational or neuropsychological assessment. My work aims at building bridges between evaluation and progress, inviting a child to explore their own brain with a growth mindset. I believe in the power of early learning experiences where a child’s whole self is in involved and reaping the internal satisfaction of solving problems, overcoming challenges and finding success.


I offer private consulting services tailored to the needs of your organization, school or institution. My skills include cognitive neuroscience research methods (lab and literary), cognitive and developmental disabilities, cognitive clinical interview, grant writing for applied neuroscience, infant development, early childhood education, early childhood math education, and early arts education.

Talks & Workshops

I am available for private talks. Over the last three years I have conducted talks with: the Michael Cohen Group LLC, an educational research firm that conducts research for educational childrens’ programs such as Nick Jr., Team Umizumi, and Scholastic; a graduate research practicum at Teacher’s College, Columbia University run by Dr. Herbert Ginsburg; and Masters level Neuroeducation courses with Dr. Peter Gordon and Dr. Ken Hoyte at Teacher’s College, Columbia University. I have also given talks and workshops at elite NYC schools and Learning Resource Centers.

Topics include:

  • Freedom Within Structure: Executive Function in Early Childhood
  • What is Neuroeducation?
  • Neuroeducation and the Early Childhood Classroom
  • Neuroeducation and Progressive Early Childhood methods: Connections with Montessori and Reggio-Emilia
  • Neuroeducation and the development of mathematical thinking
  • The child’s brain and development of speech and language
  • Neuroeducation and teachers: reflections
  • Sights on September: Executive Function Skills for Grades 1- 4.

I am also available to work independently with your organization, school or institution to set up a unique workshop or talk based on your specific needs.

Please contact with questions or interests.

Work Examples

The Neuleaph School: A proposal for a new school built on Neuroeducation and Social Emotional Learning

Grant Proposal: A New Research Model for Assessing Teachers’ Knowledge and Reactions to Neuroscience

Putting Language Back in the Body: An article co-authored for Developmental Neuropsychology

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