About neuleaph

Neuleaph Child & Brain began eight years ago as a blog, devoted to the latest from my new niche career, early childhood neuroeducation.

From there it has grown to include my private work in the field of early childhood educational therapy and executive function coaching.

I have also used it as gallery for creative projects I have undertaken over the years, as  as a co-founder and early childhood educator at The Red Hook Playgroup, and as the founder and director of Neuleaph Early Learning, a local network of Montessori-at-home playgroups.

While my identity has grown to include these new roles, I remain a teacher of young children who sees the intertwining of education with the neuroscience of early development and learning as one of the most exciting things to happen to my field.

I have been a student of Neuroeducation since 2000, before the field had a name or full identity. Though it raised some eyebrows when I first began the new MS program in Neuroscience and Education (from Columbia University Teacher’s College) my training has served me well. I have loved watching the field unfold as I continue to develop as an educator, organizational tutor, early learning consultant, and educational therapist.

I continue to be intrigued by the many connections between neuroeducation with the fresh and elegant teaching philosophies and psychological theories that have emerged in the field of Early Whole Child Education, including Montessori, Piaget, Reggio Emilia, Dewey, Kodaly and Orff.

Finally, I believe that one of the most important and vital ideas to grow from the union of Neuroeducation and Early Childhood is the importance of creativity and I aim to foster this most vital piece of the human experience in young psyches. I also commit to continuing my own creativity in my work – making, building, connecting and honoring those things I think should be in the world for our children. I hope that this site serves as a resource, model and inspiration for all who are doing the same!

The full site is comment-friendly! I welcome you to treat it as an open space and share your thoughts.