Neuleaph in the Neighborhood

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Neuleaph Early Learning is looking to branch out in the community!​

Is your toddler ready to learn? Are you seeking a high quality learning environment that begins earlier than 2.5? 

Have you ever considered hosting a playgroup in your home but are a bit overwhelmed by the logistics?

Your child can experience a rich, hands-on, Montessori learning environment in your own home. Our Montessori certified teachers will supply hand-crafted materials and a gentle introduction to learning for your child and a small group of peers.

We take care of promotion, application, enrollment and payment. You will work out a flexible arrangement with our team that suits your needs.

Do you simply wish to learn more about the Montessori approach and how you can incorporate it at home to instill a sense of calm, focus and engagement in your toddler?

We offer in-home consulting. We will guide you in setting up work spaces for your child and inspiring ideas for how to turn the every day into the optimal learning environment.

Please contact to learn more.